Data Privacy Consent Statement

I hereby give my consent to Abiva Publishing House, Inc. and/or its affiliates to collect and
use my personal data in this document, including storing and processing it in connection
with my employment application.
 I understand that my personal data may be disclosed to officers and employees of Abiva
Publishing House, Inc., its affiliates, or third parties hired by Abiva Publishing House, Inc.,
and disclosure or transmittal of data shall be strictly for the purpose indicated above and
subject to appropriate measures being taken by APHI to protect the confidentiality of my
personal data.
 In the event that I am hired by Abiva Publishing House Inc. or any of its affiliates, my
personal data will be retained. Otherwise, employment application records will be
destroyed after two years. Physical records shall be disposed of through shredding,
while digital files shall be deleted. 
 In the case of any complaints concerning the processing of my personal data, I will contact
the Human Resources Department of Abiva Publishing House, Inc. E-mail may be sent at